As winter draws near, outdoor adventurers are gearing up to stay safe and warm on their winter camping adventures. If you’re trying to hold on to some of your summertime outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and biking, heading to the desert will give you plenty of opportunities all year round.

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You’ll see sunsets like never before when you camp in the desert.

Gear for desert winter camping

The desert is most famous for sand and extreme heat, but heading to the desert in the winter months will bring you perfect crisp fall temperatures. It’s the chance to see the beauty of the wilderness without squinting from having sweat and sunscreen in your eyes. You can continue to hike, run, bike, and climb without switching to extreme winter gear.

Never underestimate the desert

Of course, you can never underestimate the climate and temperature changes of the desert. The days may be spectacular, but the nights are going to get cold, so you need to bring the right desert camping gear to keep you from freezing at night.

Fewer crowds in the desert in winter

While everyone else is dusting off their snowshoes and snowboards, head away from the crowds and grab some solitude in the desert.

Camping accessories in Denver

Talk to us about putting together a winter desert camping accessories package so you can stay safe, warm, and comfortable.

Of course, fewer crowds means that you have to be sure to bring all the right equipment, including plenty of water, weather-resistant tents, food, cooking equipment, and of course, a navigational system so you can find your way back to camp.

Camping accessories for desert camping

Escaping to the desert for some peace and quiet while everyone else heads to the slopes for fun in the snow. We’ll ship to anywhere in the country, so when you arrive at your desert campsite, Outdoor Gear can have you already all set to get your camp on!

Arches National Park on August 21, 2016

Photo By Matthew Searer

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