The success of family camping is dependent on one thing and one thing only: how well you plan. The more meticulously you plan your trip, the more prepared you are to handle any situation that may occur. Let’s face it, when there are kids involved, whether it’s camping or just heading off to school in the morning, you need to check your list and check it twice so you can be prepared whether your kids, weather, and nature are naughty or nice.

Family camping checklist

Making list will help you get organized so that you have all your ducks in a row before you head off to camp.

The first step to family camping is making a list

As soon as you decide to go camping, find a pen and a piece of paper and start making a list. Better yet, organize your master list into sublists, like:

  • Things to occupy your kids on the ride to camp
  • Things you need to set up camp
  • Things you are going to eat and drink
  • Things to distract the kids at camp
  • Things you can’t live without even while reconnecting with nature for a weekend

You can even ask everyone to start their own list garnering extra excitement for the camping trip. Kids like to get involved. They like to do what the adults are doing, so if you’re making lists, let them make a list as well. The truth is, your kids also know better than you what toy they can’t be separated from, and which book they want to read next to a campfire.

The lists will also help you figure out what gear and equipment you need to find before heading out on your trip. So, while you’re adding things to your list, you should also be checking out your gear to make sure it’s still in working order. If you bent every single tent peg the last time you went camping, you need to head to the retail shop and get new pegs.

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If your sleeping bags were slightly damp when you packed them away, they may smell funky and musty, maybe even to a point where washing won’t help. The sooner you figure out the state of your gear, the sooner you can take steps to find replacement gear, either by borrowing from friends or renting it from our outdoor retail shop.

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