Family camping gear list

It’s time to start planning the family camping trip. Even if you’re not heading out until summer, planning a family camping trip starts months in advance. You may be one of those spontaneous “we’ll take it as it comes” type of families. You know, the type of family that doesn’t want to plan out the whole trip in advance. The type of family who wants the day’s activities to be inspired by the moment. Trust us, you need to think about what you’re going to pack. Once you’ve set up camp, the last thing you want to do it have to drive back into town to pick up additional supplies.

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The initial family camping gear list

No matter where or how you are going to be camping, you are going to want to make a list of essential gear. Get a huge piece of paper and tape it to the refrigerator with the heading, “The Great Family Camping Gear List.” Then, let the whole family add to the list over the next few weeks. Don’t be shy; add all the things you think you’ll need to make this the perfect camping trip. This initial list isn’t about being realistic; it’s about starting a planning process that will be narrowed down and broken up into categories later.

Narrowing down the family camping gear list

When you’ve run out of room, it’s time to start narrowing down the list and making it more realistic. Depending on how you are camping, your essential camping gear list is going to vary. You have a lot more freedom to pack games and toys if you’ve got a base camp. If you’re hiking from camp to camp, you’ll need to consider the weight of all your items. You also have to consider your transportation to the campsite. You may not be able to bring the ping pong table, for example, and do you really need every volume of Harry Potter to read aloud around the campfire? We know it’s hard for you – err, we mean your kids – to pick just one, but carrying around the entire Potter canon is going to get heavy, and there are more essential things you’ll need to bring instead.

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Every family camping trip begins with choosing the right tent, sleeping bags, underlays/cots, and cooking equipment. At Outdoors Geek, you can rent entire family camping gear packages. Just stop by our Denver retail shop and talk to one of the Geeks. We can customize a package to suit your family camping trip. For instance, if choosing one volume of Harry Potter feels like Sophie’s Choice, don’t worry; just let your Geek know, and we’ll head straight to our Glamping tents. With a big Safari Canvas Glamping tent, you can fit a whole bookshelf for the books you want to bring.

Rent family camping gear in Denver

We’ve got premium camping gear for the perfect package for your ideal camping trip. We’ve got our family camping rental package with the North Face Mountain Manor Tent that sleeps eight, or you can rent a full Glamping package with all the comforts of home, Outdoors Geek will get you outfitted with the right gear. Working with Outdoors Geek, you’ll know you get the essentials. From there, you can continue making lists with all the fun personal items you can’t live without.