What are you going to do this year to improve your summer festival game? Make your camp better, more comfy, more relaxing, and way more fun. Pick one of our festival camping packages and customize it with cool camping accessories and make your 2018 summer music festival season the most epic experience to date.

Festival camping packages

We ship festival camping packages to any festival in the United States.

Festival Camping Packages

Outdoors Geek has already partnered with several summer music festivals to provide top-notch camping gear and accessories to festival goers. But, we want to help summer festival goers everywhere. With our festival camping packages, you can have the best camping gear waiting for you wherever you plan to rock our this summer.

Renting Camping Gear

Renting gear means leaving the music festival on a high note. You want to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible, reminiscing about your favorite bands, and going over all the selfies you took. Don’t blow your music festival high by having to clean all of your camping gear and accessories. As you’re still mentally twerking to the music still stuck in your head, simply pack up your festival camping package and drop it off. Once it gets back to our shop, we’ll take care of the cleaning.

Camping Accessories

Rent summer festival camping packages

Make sure to consider the needs of your pet duck when you choose a festival camping package.

Our festival camping packages include the basic needs for a campsite. But, that is just a starting point. We know that people like to get creative with their festival camps. We’ve got camping accessories to help you personalize and customize your camp. One time, we created a camp fit for a duck. Yes, a duck! So, bring it on, we’re ready for almost anything.

Find Your Summer Music Festival

The best way to find your summer festival is by using SeatGeek. Their list of summer music festivals is ever growing and always updating. Between SeatGeek and Outdoors Geek, all the geeks have you covered for the 2018 summer music festival season.

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