Free bear canister from Outdoors Geek in Colorado

Store your food safely in a bear container and avoid having to hoist food up into the trees to keep it out of reach of bears.

Backcountry camping gear

Whether you are camping in the backcountry or camping in one of the more popular and populated family campgrounds across the US you’re bound to come face to face with a few wild creatures. Some are cute and harmless; others will scurry away before you even notice they were there, and others will sneak into your campsite at night and snack on all of your gourmet goodies you packed for the trip. The black bear is the one that you need to protect yourself against, making sure that we are not luring them to our campsite with the scent of delicious foods fit for a bear.

Protect yourself and your camping neighbors from bears

The more we camp and spend time in the wilderness, the more animals start to become accustomed to our presence and our scent. For the Kodak moment, we hope to see as many animals in their natural habitat as possible, even a black bear. But, we want to observe and take a photo from a safe distance, and we want to make sure that these animals (especially the bear) don’t follow us back to camp.



For your safety, the safety of your fellow campers, and also for the safety of the bear, make sure that you keep all food in a bear-proof facility. Your safest option for keeping food out of the hands of bears is a Bear Canister.

Bear canister giveaway for Colorado camping

Free bear canisters the weekend of May 13th-15th, 2016

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We’re giving away bear canisters, so there’s no excuse for leaving food around and getting mauled by a bear. Plus, you don’t have to trek far away from your campsite, hoisting your food up into a tree in a Hefty bag like the good old days. With a bear canister, you can keep your food close without fear of attracting a bear, or other free-loading creatures of the wild.

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