The last thing you want when you’re camping with your family is to come face to face with a mama bear and her cubs. This is a situation that could end very badly. However, the traits of a mama bear are traits that every parent will recognize in themselves. So, let’s look at how to protect your cubs from a mama bear.

Bear canisters for hiking and camping

Bear cubs are adorable, but close by is a not so adorable, fiercely protective mama bear!

Protecting your cubs from a mama bear

Every parent’s main concern when camping with children is how to keep them safe. Safe from campsite dangers, like open firepits, rivers, and lakes. Safe from the elements. Safe from nature.

When it comes to our children, we are uber protective, much like the mama bear. We keep them close, and we are constantly aware of any dangers threatening our cubs. We will defend them fiercely if confronted. As much as we can relate to the mentality of the mama bear, should the two of you face off, there’s a good chance the mama bear will win.

When you are camping, the best protection against bear attacks is to not make your campsite enticing to bears.

A hibernating bear can still be dangerous

Bear Canister carrying case

Bear canisters are slippery and hard to grab onto by design. If you plan on attaching your bear canister to your backpack, trust me on this: you will want to rent or buy a carrying case.

In the winter, the Colorado bear will be peacefully hibernating in dens and caves, their heart rates slow and their slumber deep. However, mama bears will deliver their cubs in late January, and a black mama bear will have no trouble waking from their hibernating state to viciously defend their cubs. Therefore, we still need to be vigilant and alert when camping in the winter months, because a hibernating mama bear can go from zero to kill in no time at all.

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