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Renting glamping tents and essentials

Normally when you give something a hashtag-worthy name, like glamping, it’s usually just a fad and quickly forgotten when the next hashtag appears. It’s like giving out favorite celebrity couples their celebrity nickname, and then they break up. However, when glamour and camping mixed together, they formed a bond and a camping trend that would span the test of time. In other words, glamping is here to stay, so why not give it a try?!

Glamping tents in Colorado

Nothing says glamping like a queen size bed, a rocking chair, and an area rug.

What is glamour camping?

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Glamour camping is taking all the luxuries and amenities of a luxury hotel and putting it in one fancy canvas safari-style wall tent in the woods. The key to glamping is comfort, comfort, and more comfort.

Glamping essentials

The first thing you need is a luxury canvas wall tent. It should be big enough for a queen size bed, a heater, two stove burners to brew gourmet coffee and cook gourmet meals, cool glamping style furniture, colorful pillows & throws, maybe a little reading nook, mood lighting, and an animal skin area rug. You know; survival essentials.

Outdoors Geek Glamping at night

We’ve got glamping canvas safari wall tents and all the amenities to set up your glamping village anywhere in the United States.

Outdoors Geek sets up camping villages all over the United States for corporate events, music festivals, weddings, and many other occasions. If you’re looking for something a lot more comfortable than regular camping, we have just the right gear and experience to help make it happen for you.

Rent your glamping village from Outdoors Geek

We have all the glamping essentials and can set up your glamping site anywhere in the United States. With the help of Outdoors Geek, you can get an outdoor experience with a nice touch of clean, comfortable indoor amenities.