Firefly camping packages

We’ll get you set up with camping gear and accessories that will make all of your festival neighbors jealous.

Being an outdoors geek doesn’t mean you have to always take the road less traveled, hiking into the wilderness with the bare minimum, escaping modern life, and becoming one with nature. Sometimes an outdoors geek wants to lay side by side closely with fellow campers at big, crowded music festivals. Although, sometimes making it through a music festival can seem like a bigger challenge than climbing a fourteener. Don’t underestimate the toll that a festival can take on your mind, body, and spirit. That is where Outdoors Geek comes into the picture; we’ll ship everything you need to survive a music festival in 2017 without having to spend a fortune on a chiropractor when the music’s over.

Surviving music festivals in 2017

You may not be hiking trails in high altitude, but you will be hiking from tent to tent, booth to booth, and concert to concert. The physical exercise you get when you don’t think you’re exercising is the kind that will leave you sore in the morning. Planning for the festival is key, and that includes having a comfortable and pimped out campsite to relax and recuperate, and of course, stretch out for another day of physically demanding festival fun.

We carry the best brands of quality tents, gear, and accessories to create a festival campsite that will leave your next door festival neighbors green with envy. So, when you talk to us about your needs, why not add a few extra comfy camp chairs so that you can invite your neighbors over to sit comfortably before venturing out to see the next band.

Festival camping in style

We deliver a festival camping package to any music festival in the US.

Music festival rental packages

We will ship an entire camp, including tents, chairs, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and a battery powered flashlight to any music festival in the United States. When you show up to the festival, it will all be there waiting for you so you can get busy finding the perfect spot that is close to the stages, but not too close – and close to the bathrooms, but definitely not too close.

Outdoor retail shop in Denver

Outdoors Geek is an outdoor retailer located in Denver but will ship camping supplies and accessories anywhere in the US for the ultimate outdoor experience. Rent, try, or buy the latest high-quality camping and outdoor gear.