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Hunters look forward to elk and deer season all year. Their freezer, by now, is often low on their stock of free range organic meats and they’re raring to go get more! They’d be pretty happy to bring home a set of trophy antlers while they are at it as well!

Often times, you may be traveling far from home to elk or deer hunt. And especially if you are hunting the mountain west, you will want a warm comfortable place to call home. After long hours on the hunt, the best answer for many hunters is a wall tent and stove.

Reasons to Rent a Wall Tent!Davis Canvas Wall Tent stove and tarp package

1. Keeps you dry and warm! – This is the most obvious reason.  Wall tents with wood and coal burning stoves are the obvious choice for thousands or hunters each year. A wall tent for hunting gives you one large space with room to move around. When properly outfitted, many hunting parties prefer the warmth and comfort of a wall tent to a camping trailer.

Wall Tent Rental for Hunting2. Portability – Hands down, a wall tent makes it easier to get to your base camp hunting location. It’s not unusual for forest roads to be rough or partially washed out. And as the seasons progress, snow may prevent a trailer from accessing many base camp areas. Your chances of making it there increas significantly when your tent is in the back of your four wheel drive (instead of trying to pull a camping trailer). With Outdoors Geek’s simple internal frame, set up is simple and time efficient. And, just in case, we provide detailed instructions for set up of our rental hunting tents and stoves.

3. Rest Well – Both The Internal Frame or Traditional Frame Canvas Wall tents provide the perfect home away from home after a long day in the cold. With a stove jack (stove pipe opening), you can be sure your tent stove will keep you warm and dry your clothes. Extra wall height gives you plenty of room to sit around and chat with your hunting partners, fill up on a good hot meal and string your clothes up to dry! Ask Outdoors Geek about there best prices for renting Hunting Tent Stoves as well!

Glamour camping

Three Tips from The GEEK:

1. Choosing your tent:

Choose your tent based primarily on your hunting party’s size. Our 8 x 10 canvas hunting tents are great for 1 or two people. You could squeeze a third person in if your not using a stove.

Our 12 x 14 wall tents will fit up to four hunters using regular size cots. This will give you just enough room including a wood burning stove. I’ve hunted five guys in this tent with no stove during bow hunting and that can work. However, we also used a 9 x 10 nylon tent as a gear tent.

Our 14 x 17 hunting tents are usually a better choice for four or five guys including a stove. As a side note, you basically cannot have too much room when the weather is wet or snowy. You will have a lot of gear in general and often a lot of gear that needs to be hung up and dried.

We also carry a 12 x 28 canvas hunting tent set up. We accomplish this by hooking two 12 x 14 tents together. This allows for two connected rooms usually one used for sleeping and the other for eating and gear (and card playing). When it comes to hunting tents, size matters. You get a lot of extra comfort with this tent for a little extra money.

cots in glamping tent rentals

 Choosing your stove2. Choosing your stove: We carry two stoves. The primary stove we carry is the Summit Ridge. This is a high quality wood and coal burning stove that is fully capable of heating any of our tents. Some parties choose to use two stove with our 12 x 28, but that comes down to personal preference.

The second stove we carry in limited supply is the Ellis Folding Stove. This stove is primary used by those packing in on horses or llamas. It is a light weight (about 30 pounds) stove with thin walls. This means short burn time. It’s great if you have weight limitations…..but I would never use it unless that is the case.

3. Plan to use coal: Coal is the best choice for keeping your fire burning through the night. It burns slower and cooler than wood so you get long burn times and less heat fluctuation. Just don’t forget, coal is for supplemental heating only and requires a wood base of coal to work. Bring plenty of wood, but also buy a bag of coal before you leave Outdoors Geek.


wall tent front support wood

Enjoy the Hunting Season this year in a safe and warm Wall Tent!

Easy to transport and easy to set up, you’ll be resting from a long day afield in no time!