Ski and snowshoe under the full moon

Full Moon Open Houses State Forest State Park

Hiking is an amazing experience. But, hiking under the light of the moon, is a totally different world. You probably wouldn’t just head to any trail in the middle of the night, but there are several state parks that are very aware of the wonders of a good night hike. Therefore, some of them provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at night, under a safe and controlled environment.

State Forest Full Night Hikes: January 23rd and February 2o

State Forest State Park in Colorado, will take advantage of the full moon on Saturday, Jan. 23 and again on Feb. 20 to feature their Full Moon Open Houses.’. The popular nocturnal event will allow people of all ages to enjoy Colorado’s nighttime scenery with just the light of a full moon trickling through pine trees and onto 6 miles of snow-packed trails. “Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?”

The remote location far from the city lights makes State Forest a great venue for a hike under the full moon. Considered one of Colorado’s most scenic natural areas, the park straddles the borders of Larimer and Jackson Counties along the peaks of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range.

Crosscountry skiing at CPW parks

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How to Get to State Forest

The directions to State Forest State Park are pretty easy. From Fort Collins in Colorado: take 287 to Highway 14 along the Poudre River for 75 miles. When you hit the Summit of Cameron Pass you are in the State Forest State Park. The Moose Visitor Center is 8 miles west of the summit.

What to Bring for Your Night Hike

Like any other hike you need to be well-prepared. Participants must arrive at the Moose Visitor Center at dusk and dress warmly. There is a 6-mile groomed trail that runs along the banks of the Michigan River, so be sure to bring your snowshoes and skis.

Fuel headlamp

Simple. Perfect. Fuel.

Even though the idea is to enjoy the darkness, you will want some light, a good flashlight or even better, a headlamp that will allow you to keep your hands free should do the trick.

Camping is allowed in some areas of the park. Nonetheless, it is better to call ahead and check for availability. You could also bring special outdoor cooking equipment. The state park officers will be putting together a potluck dinner at the Moose Visitor Center and encourage all participants to bring food to share!