Known as “fourteeners”, mountains that rise 14,000 feet above sea level have long been a destination of the outdoor enthusiast.  Whether hiking for fun or on a mission to conquer all the 14ers; hiking peaks has become very popular in the last decade.

Most of the 14ers in the US are in Colorado and only a few states have 14ers.  Fourteeners can be also be found in California, Washington, and Alaska.  The highest peaks in the US are in Alaska and highest peak in the lower 48 is in California, Mount Whitney. There is no official list of 14ers in the US.  Colorado has between 53 and 57 14ers depending on who you talk to.  The requirements of what make a peak a stand alone peak and not an unnamed hump on a ridge vary.

With the proper planning, gear, and fitness, hiking a fourteener is relatively safe.  Always keep a sharp eye on the weather and if the clouds start to form, turning around is always an option. Some of these peaks should only be only attempted by true alpinists, however most of these peaks can be safely summited via a typical hiking trail.

Hiking the tall peaks can be both a great workout and stress reliever.  A day on a peak reveals many beautiful vistas.  The view changes quickly, forests, alpine lakes, jagged mountain peaks all make up a day on the trail.

Here is the official Outdoors Geek list of 14ers in the US:


Mount Whitney                14,505 ft
Mount Williamson           14,379 ft
White Mountain Peak    14,252 ft
North Palisade                   14,248 ft
Mount Shasta                    14,179 ft
Mount Sill                            14,159 ft
Mount Russell                   14,094 f
Split Mountain                  14,064 ft
Mount Langley                  14,032 ft
Mount Tyndall                   14,025 ft
Mount Muir                        14,018 ft
Middle Palisade                14,018 ft


Mount Hubbard                14,951 ft
Mount Bear                        14,831 ft
Mount Hunter                   14,573 ft
Mount Alverstone           14,500 ft
University Peak                 14,470 ft
Mount Wrangell               14,163 ft
Mount Augusta                 14,070 ft


Mt. Elbert                            14,433 ft
Mt. Massive                       14,421 ft
Mt. Harvard                        14,420 ft
Blanca Peak                        14,345 ft
La Plata Peak                      14,336 ft
Uncompahgre                   14,309 ft
Crestone Peak                  14,294 ft
Mt. Lincoln                         14,286 ft
Grays Peak                          14,270 ft
Mt. Antero                       14,269 ft
Torreys Peak                      14,267 ft
Castle Peak                         14,265 ft
Quandary                            14,265 ft
Mt. Evans                            14,264 ft
Longs Peak                          14,255 ft
Mt. Wilson                          14,246 ft
Mt. Cameron                       14,238 ft
Mt. Shavano                      14,229 ft
Mt. Princeton                    14,197 ft
Mt. Belford                         14,197 ft
Crestone Needle              14,197 ft
Mt. Yale                               14,196 ft
Mt. Bross                             14,172 ft
Kit Carson Peak                 14,165 ft
El Diente Peak                   14,159 ft
Maroon Peak                     14,156 ft
Tabeguache Peak             14,155 ft
Mt. Oxford                          14,153 ft
Mt. Sneffels                       14,150 ft
Mt. Democrat                    14,148 ft
Capitol Peak                       14,130 ft
Pikes Peak                           14,110′
Snowmass Mountain      14,092 ft
Windom Peak                    14,087 ft
Mt. Eolus                             14,083 ft
Challenger Point               14,081 ft
Mt. Columbia                     14,073 ft
Missouri Mountain          14,067 ft
Humboldt Peak                 14,064 ft
Mt. Bierstadt                      14,060 ft
Conundrum Peak             14,060 ft
Sunlight Peak                     14,059 ft
Handies Peak                     14,048 ft
Culebra Peak                      14,047 ft
Mt. Lindsey                         14,042 ft
Ellingwood Point              14,042 ft
North Eolus                        14,039 ft
Little Bear Peak                 14,037 ft
Mt. Sherman                      14,03 ft
Redcloud Peak                   14,034 ft
Pyramid Peak                     14,018 ft
Wilson Peak                       14,017 ft
Wetterhorn Peak             14,015 ft
San Luis Peak                     14,014 ft
North Maroon Peak        14,014 ft
Mt. of the Holy Cross      14,005 ft
Huron Peak                         14,003 ft
Sunshine Peak                  14,001 ft


Mount Rainier                   14,417 ft
Mt. Rainier                          14,410 ft
Point Success                     14,158 ft
Liberty Cap                         14,112 ft


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