(Early light at Chasm Lake with Longs Peak in the background at Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo Credit: NPS/John Wullschleger)

Colorado is famous for its fourteeners, but no fourteener is more famous than Longs Peak. However, hiking Longs Peak may be a classic, but it’s not a good fourteener for first-timers. Although reaching the summit can be done in a day, it will be no easy feat. If you’re up for a challenge, and you’re ready to take on a tough but rewarding hike to the highest peak in The Rocky Mountain National Park, then here’s what you need to know about hiking Longs Peak.

Hiking Long's Peak

Longs Peak (14,259 feet, 4,346 meters), Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

Getting to Longs Peak

Located in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak stands 14,259 ft proud. It is the only fourteener in The Rocky Mountain National Park and has long been a favorite to hikers and climbers. During the summer season (mid-July through early September) there are several hikes to the summit. During this period, it is possible to get to the summit without specialized climbing gear. However, if you want to go in the off-season, the famous Keyhole Route is your only option. The Keyhole Route to Longs Peak is considered a “technical climb” due to ice formation and snowfall.

Hiking to Longs Peak in the Summer

Since we’re coming up on summer, let’s focus on what to expect from this classic mountain summit hike. You may not need crampons and an ice ax if you hike the Keyhole during the summer season, but you will need to climb in sections. Expect steep ledges, boulders, vertical climbs, and sheer cliffs.

Rent hiking gear

Rent hiking boots for both men and women to get ready to hike Longs Peak.

Hiking the Keyhole Route to the Summit

The hike from the trail to the summit is considered a Class 3 scramble. You’ll travel a distance of 8.4 miles each way, with an elevation of 4,875 feet, with sections of extreme exposure. Don’t underestimate the physical fitness required to complete this hike.

When to Start

If you get going by dawn, you should reach the summit in time to get back below the treeline by the afternoon. The afternoons at Longs Peak tend to bring rainstorms, thunder, and lightning, and getting under cover of trees is going to make the rest of your decent much more pleasant.

What to Bring

Hiking Long's Peak

Stay hydrated as you hike Longs Peak.

The right hiking gear is essential if you’re going to reach the summit of Longs Peak. You will need quality hiking boots, a lightweight backpack, a hydration system, rain gear, sustenance, and comfortable layered clothing. You will also need to be well rested, warmed up, and ready for a serious physical workout.

Rent Gear for Hiking Longs Peak

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