The number one best safety tip we can give people when exploring Colorado’s state parks is to know where you’re going. Whether you’re using a hiking map or taking advantage of GPS technology, being familiar with your surroundings and being able to navigate your way is going to help you stay safe, especially if you’re exploring the backcountry.

Hiking maps for ColoradoTypes of navigation equipment

We’re geeks, so of course, we love all the latest gadgets that are available. If you want the latest technology to help you navigate hundreds of thousands of miles of trails across the globe, you can now turn your cell phone into a GPS with the DeLorme Earthmate App. Of course, for the old school geek, nothing beats the National Geographic hiking maps.

National Geographic Maps

It does sound convenient to have your maps downloaded to your cell phone or to rely on satellite GPS equipment, but weather can disrupt satellites and batteries run out, so having a weather-resistant, tear-resistant topographic hiking map to lead the way is a foolproof navigation tool. Even if you want to give technology a go, always have a map as a backup, just in case. The National Geographic Maps have been the standard bearer for outdoor recreation maps for decades, which is why they are the only maps that we carry.

Colorado hiking mapsFind your Colorado State Park

There are 42 state parks run by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. There are almost unlimited adventures, from easy family day hikes to strenuous backcountry backpacking trips. No two Outdoors Geeks are the same, but one thing we all have in common is the need for a reliable map. So, you choose your own adventure, and we’ll find the right map to keep you moving in the right direction.

Colorado hiking maps

If you’re heading out to explore the Colorado State Parks, stop by Outdoors Geek in Denver and pick up a Colorado hiking map. For a safe hike in the wild, familiarize yourself with the trails and the terrain before you head out, and while you’re exploring the trails, be sure to always have your National Geographic Map close at hand.