official geocache

If you like outdoor games while camping, then Geocaching is the perfect hunting game for your next camping trip! To play this game a GPS enabled device is needed, and the participants will have to navigate to a specific location using the coordinates acquired from the game’s website. The objective is to try to find a container with an object inside, which is called the geocache.Spot GPS

This amazing outdoor game was first played by technology and GPS enthusiasts, but now over 6 million members play Geocaching around the world, with almost 2.5 million active geocaches hidden.

The idea of this adventure game started with a computer consultant who wanted to test the accuracy of the signal of GPS devices, by hiding a navigational target in the woods and then posting the coordinates to a GPS users group in the web. The idea was that the finder needed to locate the hidden object with only the use of a GPS receiver.

So we encourage you to play this interesting game next time you go camping, and discover the hidden containers near you!

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