When you’re on the hunt with a large group of friends and you plan on bringing back a few big game trophies, there’s really only one tent that’s good enough for your base camp, and that’s a canvas wall tent. The bigger the better, we say. Of course, there are few considerations to make before renting the biggest, baddest tent in our inventory.

Colorado big game hunting season

Rent hunting tents packages for the Colorado big game hunting season.

The perfect hunting tent for big game hunting

The first thing you have to figure out is how many people are going and if everyone is going to share one big tent, or you want to split up and have a little privacy once the hunting and the bragging around the fire pit have died down for the night. You also need to think about how far you will have to trek with your tents and gear, or if you can drive right up to your base camp. If you have to hike a bit, you need to remember to keep the weight down, or at least distribute the weight evenly between everyone in your party.

Colorado Big Game Hunting Dates

Big game hunting dates in Colorado begin in September and run through December, depending on what you are hunting and how you are hunting. Whether you are hunting for deer, bear, elk, muleys, pronghorn, moose, or mountain lion, you have to consider the weather. The type of weather you can encounter is going to vary from hunt to hunt and will help you determine what accessories you’ll need to add to your canvas hunting tent to keep you warm and comfortable. All of our canvas hunting tents are easily heated with a wood or coal burning stove, but that is going to take up space, so be mindful of that when you choose a tent.

Rent canvas hunting tents

Colorado big game hunting dates

Rent a hunting tent package for the big game hunting season.

We’ve got several hunting tent packages, all depending on your needs.

8 x 10 Tent Package

This is our smallest hunting tent. Perfect for a couple of hunters who want to keep the weight light and don’t need a lot of space. If it’s just you and your hunting buddy or you’re heading out solo, this tent is perfect, and although it’s small, there’s still room for you, a buddy, and a wood burning stove.

12 x 14 Tent Package

If one of your friends finds out about your hunting trip and invites themselves along, you need to upgrade your canvas tent. Three’s company in this tent package, and a wood or coal burning stove will keep everyone nice and cozy.

14 x 17 Tent Package

Rent hunting tents in Colorado

Talk to us about your next hunting trip and we’ll help you decide on the right size hunting tent.

So, now the words gotten out about your trip and a few more friends want to come along. For a nice foursome hunting trip, this package is one of our most popular. This is also our best option for a couple of hunters who want more room to stretch out.

12 x 28 Tent Package

If more than four people end up on your trip, the 12 x 28 canvas tent is your saving grace. The more the merrier, right? Thankfully, our 12 x 14 canvas tents can zip together, creating one large hunting tent for everyone, or you can keep them separate as two tents and split up into groups. It just depends on how closely you want to be sleeping.

Hunting tents and accessories

If you’re planning a hunting trip for the Colorado big game season, talk to us about the size of your party, where you are going, what you are hunting, and how long you’ll be gone, and we’ll help you determine the best hunting tent package.