Skateboarding and the largest Skateparks in the country


SkateLab, Atlantic Beach Florida


Located in Atlantic Beach in Florida, SkateLab has the advantage of having both indoor and outdoor areas, allowing you to have some skateboarding action no matter the weather conditions. This Skatepark has lots of ramps, jumps and rails and you can find some nice camping areas nearby.

VANS Skatepark, California

The VANS Skatepark is located in Orange, California and it also has both indoor and outdoor courses. This Skatepark has the particularity of having two different surfaces: the indoor surface is wood for a smoother and softer ride and the outdoor surface is concrete.

Louisville Extreme Park

Louisville Extreme Park is located in Kentucky and the skating action never stops, it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it is one of the biggest Skateparks of the country.

Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark, California

This amazing Skatepark is one of the most unique skate parks in the world, with a 70 foot long and 22 foot wide pipe, pools, cradles, bowls, thimbles, street course and a mega wall. Another plus for visiting the Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark is that the surroundings are gorgeous for camping.

Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, Florida

The Kona Skatepark was specially designed for all levels of skateboarders. The park offers a skate camp for all of those who want to learn how to skateboard and is one of the Americans favorite Skateparks of all times.

Jumping skateboarder silhouette over scenic sunset sky backgroun

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