The Best Gifts for Hikers & Campers

If you are wondering what to get for the camper who has everything; you have come to the right place.

Here is the truth: To be honest, they never have everything! Campers lose things, wear them out, and love having extras. So, this is your last chance, take a look at some last-minute X-Mas gifts you can grab for the camping and hiking enthusiasts in your life.

Bear Cans & Cases

Bear Cans & CasesBackcountry settings including Monuments and National Parks require canisters. Therefore, you won’t get by the Park Rangers without one. Furthermore, many people are familiar with bear canister cases. Cases make hauling a canister around a lot easier. Consequently, bear cans get stuffed into a backpack or wedged between the pack and the lid. Get a bear canister carrying case or if you prefer, rent one from Outdoors Geek. We are pretty sure you will be sold on the idea.

Bike PacksOrtlieb Accessory Bike Pack

If your dear outdoor enthusiast appreciates long bike rides in the wild, he will need a way to carry essentials, from a small flashlight to full-on camping gear. This fantastic accessory comes in different sizes and materials for every need.

Portable Chargers

Solar-recharged battery systemsPortable Chargers offer the freedom to run lights, fans, and even a smartphone anywhere the sun shines – even remote locations. This is one gift that any camper will appreciate.

Camp Chairs

A camp chair is also a useful camping accessory. After long hours of hiking, nothing beats a well-deserved rest in a comfy camp chair.

Hydrationhydration packs

There’s nothing more critical than staying hydrated in the wild. Outdoors Geek supplies adventurers with water bottles, water storage containers, hydration packs and also water purifiers to prevent dehydration as you explore nature.


LightingLight up the night with any of the flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, spotlights or tactical lights offered by Outdoors Geek. Whether it is to get an additional light at the campsite or bringing light to a night-hike, we have quality equipment to bring bright illumination where your adventurous friend needs it the most.

See? We, outdoor enthusiasts, aren’t hard to please. Big budget or small, there are lots of cool camping accessories you can give to your friends. For more gift ideas, please visit our product section.