Lighting in the outdoors world is just something you can’t go without.

Unfortunately for many adventure seekers, there are realistically only 12 hours of daylight on average. If you know someone that loves to spend time outdoors, chances are their adventures don’t stop once the sun goes down!  your beloved nature enthusiast may be camping, taking a late afternoon or dusk hour hike, or he may just be searching for something in a hidden cave he calls the garage!

printceton_tec_fuel_black_greenFor this reason and many more, a headlamp is an indispensable accessory for outdoor lovers. You can’t go wrong with your gift giving this year if you choose a Princeton Tec EOS and Fuel headlamps from Outdoors Geek. 


leave no traceHow do you know which is the right headlamp to buy? Here are 4 things to consider when purchasing a headlamp:

1. Light beam type: wide/ flood.  or focused/narrow. A Flood beam will serve you for most tasks around the campsite. A Narrow beam will serve you best for distance lighting, on the occasion you need to see a trail up ahead when daylight has dimmed or you need to peak your head out of the tent to make a night check out and around the permitter of your campsite.

A versatile spot/flood combination makes the best use of an all-purpose headlamp. This variety will have an adjustable beam.

gifts for the outdoorsman,2. Beam distance: Headlamps are tested and rated for how far they can project usable light. The point of a headlamp is to focus light on your target area, you want to find out how far the beam of light will go!

3. Light output: Light output is called the lumens. This is a measurement of the quantity of light the headlamp can produce. Generally, a high lumens count means the lamp can produce a brighter light. It will however also consume a larger amount of energy so plan for this in your battery backup.

4. Battery usage: Headlamps with rechargeable batteries are a great choice for cold weather locations. Keep in mind Rechargeable batteries that sit without being used for a while loose their charge. It’s always a good idea to carry alkaline batteries with you.