Outdoors Geek ships quality camping and backpacking gear any place….any time.

If you know where you are going why not have The Geek send your gear to your destination. That way you do not have to carry it with you all the way there. You see, “This is what we do” and we know what you will need for most destinations, and we have gone ahead and created packages depending on the destination.

California Weekends Rental Camping Program

California Weekends brings together those who love their weekends, camping and adventures!  We are a unique blend of people with a passion for enjoying life to the fullest!




La Siesta Campgrounds Rental Camping Gear

La Siesta Campground has partnered with Outdoors Geek to bring you great rental camping equipment. You will experience remarkable gear, that’s crazy clean, every single time.



Moab Warm Weekender Rental Camping Packages

Moab, Utah is the home of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. It’s warm, sunny weather and beautiful scenery make it one of the top destinations in the southwest. We have combined great camping gear, a sun shade, and hiking poles to make your trip comfortable. You can rest easy and plan for fun knowing that Outdoors Geek has you outfitted right.


Yellowstone National Park Rental Camping Gear

This is the place where you will find Old Faithful and the majority of the world’s geysers. And that is just the start of the beautiful wonderland we call Yellowstone National Park. One important thing to know about Yellowstone campsites is that most have a tent pad that is only 8′ x 8′. This means the maximum tent size is a four person tent. For this reason, all of our packages include a four person tent. We also include comfort items such as chairs.



Outdoors Geek… 

Simply put, we love the outdoors and Outdoors Geek is here to help put quality outdoor experiences within your reach. We have a wide range of outdoor experience including backpacking, camping, hiking, group trips, guiding, canoeing, car camping, fly fishing high mountain lakes, hunting trips, climbing 14ers, and more. We are the only place on the planet where you can Rent itTry it, or Buy it. You can count on Outdoors Geek for top notch gear and all the help you need to make your outdoors adventure happen.For more than 20 years, we have been testing everything from packs, to tents, to stoves and hundreds of other products. We’ve got the good stuff right here at Outdoors Geek. And we’re not just talking about Colorado for renting or buying Camping Gear, we will ship anywhere!