Labor Day is approaching and backpackers and campers everywhere are prepping their farewell to summer! Labor Day is about celebrating the working force of our great country. So when your long weekend finally arrives, the last thing you want to do is add any extra work to your weekend. Join the thousands who are heading out to the trails and campsites this Labor Day weekend! Enjoy your rest and relaxation with these 6 simple tips to keep the labor out of your Labor Day celebrations!

Camping gear for Black Canyon

1. Make a Reservation & Choose a site close to home. You don’t have to be far away to still get the feeling of unplugging from daily life.

2. Pack lightly – this means clothing too. Who needs pajamas? This is a perfect time to sleep in your clothes. a comfy t shirt and shorts will do the trick for lounging by your campfire and then heading off to bed. Light weight shirts and nylon pants can wash and wear. Even if they get wet you can return to dry pretty quickly.

great camping food at great prices3. Meals in a pouch -ready made mini meals pre measured to individual portions wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the cooler. Don’t forget the fixin’s for the S’mores. Or Purchase some ready made meals from Outdoors Geek!

4. Camping tub – with the essentials ready to go. This tub can be filled with Sunscreen, bugspray, extra ziplocks, your camp soap, flashlights, extra batteries, camping utensils,plates/cups and cookware, fire starter, first aid kit, toilet paper, and any thing of the like that can sit ready to go.camping food recipes smores

5. Don’t forget the camera! 

6. Pre-make as much as you can. Meals, Outfits of clothing organized into sealable bags, Games, playing cards etc. also organized into easy to store and waterproof storage. You will need camp soap or baking soda that is safe for nature and some Ziplocks for “washing/scrubbing”. You water filtration system with all necessary parts. Basically anything you can do ahead of time…do it!

Family Tent rentalsTake a Break this Labor Day With Outdoors Geek!

Call us for all of your Labor Day Weekend Camping needs. Not sure which gear you’ll need? We can make lots of suggestions based on your experience level and the location and length of your trip. You can rent your camping/backpacking equipment and try it! Then if you like if you can buy it! Outdoors Geek takes the Labor out of Labor Day Camping! Let us make your camping weekend easy!

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