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March is the month to start planting trees. It extends until mid June, as the conditions then change and it becomes too hot to plant once the Summer sets in. Forests are the Earth’s lungs, it’s vital to keep them abundant, leafy and healthy. Not only do trees provide us with clean air to breathe, but there are many other benefits that trees give us.

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Benefits of Planting Seedling Trees

  • Protecting property and livestock from wind
  • Reducing soil erosion and improving crop yields
  • Providing food and cover for wildlife
  • Increasing property values
  • Increasing or restoring forest health
  • Reducing water evaporation, preserving winter moisture, and protecting and improving water quality
  • Controlling snow drifts near roads
  • Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs
  • Protecting livestock from the elements
  • Restoring or enhancing natural beauty
  • Increasing supplies of renewable wood resources

Learn more about Seedling Trees at the Colorado State Forest Service website. The only requirement to purchase seedlings and other plant materials from the CSFS Nursery is that they are used solely for conservation purposes.

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