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We know that true outdoor enthusiasts can’t wait until spring to get out there and explore the trails or back country! But we also know that winter camping in most states requires special preparations and we are the place to come! Here’s our list to help you pack everything you need for winter wear, keeping you safe, warm and dry on your next winter adventure!

winter camping preparations, teepee in the snow backgroundLayering Basics:

We’ve covered this topic for you before but it’s worth repeating that layering is the key to conserving body heat! Your jacket isn’t enough! So, let’s review the basics of layering.

  • Base layer/Inner Layer is help manage moisture. This is the layer that is next to your skin, also known as your inner layer. The job of your inner layer is to move your perspiration away from your skin. Staying dry in winter is important to prevent your body’s temps from dropping too low. Keep in mind cotton is a fabric that retains moisture and can keep you chilly.  For winter outdoor adventures, you want a base layer made of merino wool, or synthetic fabrics. These fabrics “wick” your body’s moisture away from the skin into the fabric where it will evaporate. You will stay drier even when you sweat.  For winter camping your inner layer will most likely be a pair of thermal underwear, top and bottom. Choose your thermals in the appropriate temperature grade: light, mid or expedition grade.  Don’t forget to pack an extra inner layer.
  • winter camping preparationsMiddle Layer: The purpose of your middle layer is t tea heat close to your body. You can’t go wrong with a middle layer made of fleece or natural fibers like wool, or down. Would middles offer warmth and softness while still keeping you dry. Classic Fleece insulates body heat and still keeps you dry, but it does add a little extra bulk to packing.
  • Shell layer: The purpose of your shell layer is to protect you from the elements. You need protection from the rain, snow, and wind. Most options allow for perspiration to escape and evaporate. Waterproof shells made form GoreTex or eVent, are your top of the line in performance and in cost. There is a wide range of options in this class and your Outdoor Experts at Outdoors Geek can help you choose the best options for your needs.

Remarkable tent rentalsBe Prepared for your winter outdoor adventures!

Trust the Geeks with everything you need to make your cold temp camping trip a positive experience for everyone! Enjoy the snow by getting up close and personal.