Backpacking and camping should be on every Coloradan’s bucket list. We want to make it easy for you to check that goal off of the list. Since it’s on your bucket list, you want to make your backpacking or camping trip count. That means setting up the best camp, choosing the perfect trail, and renting the best gear.

Bucket list camping in Colorado

Rent camping gear for a bucket list worthy camping experience.

Camping worthy of a bucket list

For something to make the bucket list, you want it to be a spectacular experience. To be bucket list worthy, the experience has to be once-in-a-lifetime. So, when you plan your bucket list camping or backpacking trip, you want to go all out and make sure you get the exact experience you imagined and don’t compromise on any level. That could mean roughing it in the Colorado backcountry, completely off the grid and testing your survival skills in the wild, or it could mean setting up the most pimped out glamour camp fit for a queen. Because if the queen was to go camping, she’d definitely be sleeping on a queen size bed (sorry!) in a castle-sized canvas tent.

Choosing the perfect bucket list adventure

Rent camping gear in Colorado

Make your backpacking or camping trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Imagine all the things you want to experience on a camping or backpacking adventure, from climbing the highest mountain to falling asleep under the stars to the sounds of the river, spotting wild animals, foraging for food for your gourmet camp meals, or seeing some of the famous natural wonders that Colorado has to offer. Take the time to research all the places you can go camping and backpacking in Colorado and then find the right gear to make it the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Rent camping gear

The right gear will make any adventure more comfortable, safe, and memorable. At Outdoors Geek, you can rent camping gear to make every aspect of your adventure worthy of a bucket list, from your sleeping arrangements to the food to the apparel and accessories. Once you know where you’re going, give us a call and we’ll get you outfitted.