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Rent stove for winter camping

The PocketRocket stove is perfect for boiling water to make a hot water bottle for your feet at night. In the morning, the boiling bottle of water has turned into fresh drinking water.

It’s getting cold out there folks, especially if you head to higher altitudes for some true winter camping. Preparing for winter camping requires more than just packing warm clothes and the proper gear; you also have to know a few camping survival tricks. So, here are a few winter camping essentials that we wanted to share.

Staying warm

Staying warm is probably going to be your number one concern when you’re camping in the winter. Bringing a few friends so you can double up on body heat as you fall asleep in your tent is always a good idea. Plus, camping is always nicer with a few friends.

Of course, you’re going to need more than a few friends to snuggle up against to stay warm. Having the right camping tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad are essential for winter camping. The ground is cold at night, probably even freezing, so you need to protect yourself as much as possible. A yoga mat can give you extra padding to protect you from the frozen ground, but this geek recommends that you contact us to rent the highest quality winter camping gear available.

There are times when you need to splurge and rent a tent that gives you plenty of room to spread out, but when it comes to camping in the cold, it’s preferable to have a smaller tent so that you eliminate space for cold air to circulate. The closer you sleep together, the warmer you and our tent will be.

For extra warmth, boil some water over your campfire or rent a one- or two-burner stove, then fill your water bottle with boiling water and cover it with a wooly sock. It’s the perfect DIY hot water bottle to keep your toes warm. When you wake in the morning, you’ll be the genius that has non-frozen water to drink and get hydrated for a day of winter hiking.

Winter camping essentials

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You may be tempted to completely enclose yourself in your sleeping bag, burying your face inside to avoid frozen cheeks. Your hot breath may feel good for a few minutes, but the moisture you’re breathing out will start to freeze up overnight, sending a chill through your sleeping bag, so keep your face out in the open.

More winter camping survival tricks

OK, so we just spent a lot of time focusing on how to stay warm, but there are plenty other tricks to surviving and thriving while camping in the winter. Buzzfeed has an awesome list of tipslike how to get your cold batteries to start working again, building a wind barrier, making cowboy coffee, and many more tips for staying warm during winter camping.

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