The time that you are most vulnerable while camping is when you are sleeping. Winter camping is all about staying warm, and a quality sleeping bag is your protection while getting your Zs in sub-zero temperatures. The good news is that cooler temperatures allow for a better night’s sleep. However, freezing temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable, but they can be dangerous. The right sleeping bag for cold weather camping is crucial for comfort and safety.

Rent sleeping bags for cold weather camping

The North Face Furnace sleeping bag is perfect for cold weather camping.

Rent Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

Every camping trip has different gear requirements. When you’re backpacking, you’ll need to consider the size and the weight of your gear. When camping, you can splurge a little and focus more on comfort than practicality. And, for cold weather camping, it’s essential to rent sleeping bags that will protect you in extreme temperatures. We’ve got five cold weather sleeping bags that are perfect for cold weather camping.

Sleeping Bag for 5-Degrees Weather

Before the weather dips to zero and below, our 5 degrees down sleeping bag from The North Face is a super comfortable choice. Although down sleeping bags are usually quite pricey, The North Face is making this cold weather down sleeping bag very affordable. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cozy cloud under a frosty star-filled sky.

Sleeping Bag for 0-Degrees Weather

Rent The North Face sleeping bags

Rent The North Face Aleutian sleeping bag for 0-degree temperatures.

We’ve got two excellent brands of sleeping bags that are specifically designed for camping in 0-degree weather.

  • Alps Desert Pine 0 Degree Sleeping Bag – made with Techloft insulation consisting of multi-hole staple-length micro-denier fibers with a siliconized finish. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but it will keep you warm and super comfortable!
  • The North Face Aleutian 0 Degree Bag – This winter mummy bag is insulated with Heatseeker Eco and constructed out of off-set quilting. And, it comes with a hood and a draft collar to keep the heat in and the cold out. This bag is also very compressible and travels well on cold weather backpacking trips.

Sleeping Bag for -20 Degrees Weather

Sleeping bags for cold weather camping

Rent the Inferno -20 Degree sleeping bag from our outdoors retail shop in Denver.

Winter campers in Colorado know that it’s not hard to find yourself in -20-degree weather. Once you reach those mountain peaks, the temperature will drop quickly, and when the sun goes down, you better have the right sleeping bag to get you through the night. The North Face Inferno -20 Degree Down Bag is the perfect back for sub-zero conditions. The Inferno is insulated with water-repellent 800-fill ProDown. If you value your fingers and toes, this is the bag for you.

Rent Cold Weather Sleeping Bags in Denver

We have you covered with top-quality products in our sleeping bag rental program. Furthermore, you will find many price points depending on your budget or needs. You can find whatever you need for almost any situation with an expanded line of down sleeping bags.