Rent Tents in Denver

Rent camping, wedding, and hunting tents and equipment from Outdoors Geek in Denver, Colorado.

Rent camping, wedding, and hunting tents and equipment

Before everyone goes back-to-school crazy, it’s time to plan one last outdoor adventure. Grab your kids, your hunting buddies, or your friends, and head out into the wild. Outdoors Geek can help you get ready in no time for any outdoor adventure with camping rentals, packages, gear, and accessories.

Rent tents and camping gear in Denver, Colorado

Spend one last weekend camping with the family. Swing by Outdoors Geek to pick up your family camping equipment package and be on your way.

Family camping equipment packages

Rent your tent and get in one last family camping trip before the kids go back to school. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end, but in Colorado, you’re never far from a camping site or a national park. Stave off the inevitable for just one more weekend; pack up the family wagon and take off. Better yet, have one person in charge of packing, while the other is in charge of calling Outdoors Geek and renting all the family camping equipment that you need. We’ve got tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, food, cookware, camping furniture, and other accessories, and we can either ship it directly to your doorstep, or you can swing by on your way to your destination.

Canvas wedding tents for fall weddings

Get outfitted for the fall hunt in Colorado

Our canvas wall tents are top of the line in quality, comfort, and convenience.

It may be sad to see the summer season come to an end, but for the fall brides and grooms out there, this is your moment. The fall colors in Colorado are spectacular, and should be a part of every fall wedding decor, but you still want to have a sturdy but classy and beautiful white wedding tent for your guests. You just never know what the weather will bring, so talk to us about the best tent for the occasion, and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Canvas wall hunting tents for fall hunt

No matter the size of your party, or the location of your hunt, Outdoors Geek can help you get outfitted. We’ve got fall hunting packages with top-of-the-line canvas wall tents. Our equipment is comfortable and convenient for any hunting trip. We used to say that our tents could accommodate parties up to five people, but then we found a solution to doubling the space: zip two 12’ x 14’ wall tents together, and ta-daaah, one tent fit for ten!

For more information on our hunting packages and family camping packages, call (303) 699-6944 or email us at