The Rocky Mountains are perhaps the most famous and recognizable landmark in Colorado. And the Front Range offers up an unlimited amount of possibilities for new and exciting adventures. Ski mountaineering in Colorado’s Front Range is a dream for outdoors geeks. Just make sure you rent snowshoes and research your routes, and you’ll open the door to a whole new set of adventures when the ski season comes.

Rent snowshoes in Colorado

Rent Red Feather snowshoes and poles for ski mountaineering in the Front Range.

Where to Go Ski Mountaineering in Colorado’s Front Range

The Front Range stretches from Wyoming to New Mexico, so finding the right trails and routes for ski mountaineering adventures can be a bit overwhelming. Before you go, do some research of the best places for ski mountaineering in the Front Range so that you understand the gear necessary to stay safe. When exploring it, you have to realize that there will be drastic changes in temperature, altitude, and weather conditions.

Preparing for Ski Mountaineering in the Front Range

Ranging from 5,000 feet to the famous 14ers that take you above 14,000 feet, the changes in altitude will happen quickly. You need to understand the effects of those sudden changes so that you don’t end up out of breath, weak, and nauseous. But, the elevation isn’t the only thing that you have to prepare for when ski mountaineering in Colorado’s Front Range.

Avalanche Warnings

Rent snowshoes

Rent snowshoes and start exploring new areas of Colorado’s Front Range.

There’s no greater feeling than finding unbroken snow, making the first tracks across the mountain peaks and feeling like you’re discovering uncharted territory. Of course, to cross large areas of intact snow, you need to rent snowshoes so that you won’t sink and get stuck in it.

And, while you’re taking in breathtaking views and keeping your eyes peeled for wildlife, make sure you are aware of your surroundings, especially above you higher up on the peaks, so that you don’t get caught off guard by an avalanche. Before heading out, it’s important to check the avalanche forecasts in the area.

Rent Snowshoes in Colorado

When you take on Colorado’s Front Range, you’re going to need either skis or snowshoes. Rent snowshoes at our Denver outdoors retail shop for ski mountaineering in the Front Range. But, if you choose to explore other mountains and peaks, we’ll ship snowshoes anywhere in the United States. Our snowshoe rental package also includes a carrying case, and perhaps most important, trekking poles.