GPS and outdoor gear rentals in Denver

If you’re sick of traffic and long lines at the lifts, not to mention the exorbitant prices of Alpine skiing, then grab your cross-country skis and a GPS and steer away from the crowds into the Colorado wilderness.

Winter Camping must have, Delorme InReach Explorer

Rent the inReach Explorer GPS navigational system at our outdoor retail shop in Denver, Colorado.

Ski touring in Colorado

Ski touring takes cross-country skiing a step further off the beaten path. When pure white snow blankets Colorado, ski-touring allows you to get off the groomed trails and explore deep into the backcountry. Ski-touring is about finding adventure away from the crowds. Whereas Alpine skiing tends to put all the emphasis on speed and adrenaline, ski touring is how you are supposed to experience Colorado in the winter.

“Ski touring is more about the journey than the adrenaline rush.” – Paul Mags

Preparing yourself for backcountry skiing

Ski touring isn’t as accident prone as adrenaline-pumping downhill skiing. However, anytime you head out into the wilderness, whether it’s on skis, snowshoes, or on foot, having proper equipment is a survival essential. You always need to have respect for mother nature and the terrain you are exploring.

Rent navigational equipment for Colorado backcountry

Rent or buy the Garmin eTrex Vista Cx GPS at our outdoor retail shop in Denver, Colorado.

GPS and gear rental in Colorado

At Outdoors Geek, we have GPS and gear rentals that can protect you and keep you safe in the Colorado wilderness. It’s fun to “get lost in the wilderness,” but it’s only fun when you know that you have a working GPS and navigational system that can guide you back to civilization whenever you are ready to head back.

Talk to the Outdoors Geek about the best GPS for your backcountry adventure.