Snowshoeing in Colorado

If you can hike and there’s snow, you can snowshoe, so it goes without saying that it’s easy to find a trail to get your snowshoe on. You don’t have to give up your favorite hikes on the Colorado trails just because they are covered in snow; just stop by and rent or buy some top of the line Redfeather snowshoes and be on your way.

Snowshoes Rentals in Denver

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Snowshoe safety

If you can walk, you can snowshoe. It’s considered a winter sport, but it’s low-impact, so it’s easy on your body. Unless you want it to be a race, you can go as slow as you want, taking in every bit of scenery. Since you have to be outdoors, you have to take precaution. Mother Nature is unpredictable, and if you’re unfamiliar with your terrain and current weather forecasts, you could be slowly snowshoeing you way into a dangerous situation.

Bring a friend

First of all, snowshoeing is way more fun if you do it with a friend or two. Second, there’s always safety in numbers. Fun and safety are our number one concerns when it comes to any outdoor adventure.

Know where you’re going

Yes, snowshoes leave very handy tracks in the snow, so you’ll always be able to find your way back, right? Not quite. Remember what happened to Jack Torrence in the Shining when he tries to follow his own tracks out of the maze? Hint: it did not go well! Okay, maybe Jack Torrence wasn’t winning any Father of the Year awards, but we wouldn’t wish getting lost in the Colorado wilderness in a snowstorm on anybody. The point is, don’t rely on your own tracks to lead you back to safety.

Wildlife won’t cover your snow tracks, but gusts of wind and new snowfall might. You won’t get eaten by a witch on the Colorado trails, but you might find yourself up close and personal with a moose. So, watch where you’re going, and make sure you can always find your way back.

Rent snowshoes in Colorado

When you’re snowshoeing with a friend, make sure you are familiar with your surroundings, including avalanche and weather reports.

The possibility of avalanches

Besides knowing your way around, familiarize yourself with weather and avalanche reports and forecasts. If you’re snowshoeing in areas where there is the possibility of an avalanche, be sure to carry proper equipment and safety and rescue instructions.

Rent snowshoes in Colorado

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