Outdoors Geek Rentals for Music Festivals

The summer festival season is nearing, so it’s time to start planning your trip and decide what you’re packing. For your one stop shop for quality music festival camping gear, check out our music festival packages especially put together for festival comfort. If you can’t find what you want, just give us a call.

Quality gear for summer music festivals

Summer festival camping gear rentals

After dancing all day and all night, return to camp and get some well-deserved comfort with our festival packages.

When you’ve spent the better part of your day outside two stepping, bouncing, twerking, bopping, headbanging, moshing, or doing the robot (it could happen) to your favorite music, you know how important it is to come back to a base camp of comfort and function. Fresh air and good music can be a killer on your feet and your back, and waving your hands in the air is surprisingly hard on your muscles. When you return to camp, you want a comfortable place to rest your bones and let them heal for another day of rocking, grinding, pogo dancing, fist pumping, air guitaring, air drumming, twisting, and shouting.

Outdoors Geek LogoBut, before you can get to all the fun, you need to plan your trip, including what to pack and the type of gear to bring. When it comes to great gear, Outdoors Geek has you covered!

Camping packages delivered to your festival of choice

We’ve put together three different camping packages that will keep you in the height of comfort for the duration of the festival. And when the festival is over, you don’t have to worry about cleaning gear!

  • 2-5 person package – basic
    Gear rentals for summer music festivals

    Our camping packages can be adjusted to accommodate up to 5 people.

    • Tent
    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping pad
    • Lantern – batteries not included
    • Rain poncho
    • Comfy camp chairs
    • Camp table
  • 2-5 person package – with shade
    • Adjustable Tri-Awning
  • 2-5 person package – with shade and cookware
    • 2 Burner Stove
    • Cookware
    • Propane for your stove
    • Camp Coffee for convenience

The best camping equipment and tents for music festivals

Secure the perfect music festival camping gear package from Outdoors Geek now and spend the rest of the summer shopping for the perfect festival wardrobe.

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