Every summer festival is going to include massive amounts of standing, walking, or dancing. Beyond the music and the crowds, camp life is an equally important part of the summer festival experience. Here’s our guide to getting fit to meet the physical demands of the summer festival, as well as set up a camp experience to remember.

Summer festival camping packages

Whether you’re setting up camp for yourself or your family pet duck, we’ve got the perfect festival camping packages.

The physical demands of a summer festival

First, let’s start with the physical demands of a summer festival. On a good festival weekend, you’ll be spending the better part of the day standing and waiting for the band, dancing to the music, then chasing down the next band as soon as the concert ends. You’ll continue this pattern from the time the festival grounds open until they close. By the time you get back to your camp, you’ll feel like you just ran a marathon, and you’re probably right. Depending on the size of the festival ground, including the campgrounds, a typical festival-goer can expect to walk up to 20 miles a day. Of course, you’re having fun the whole time, so you won’t really notice until you get back to camp and sit down, preferably in some comfy camping furniture courtesy of yours truly.

Training for a summer festival

Endurance training

So, you can see that going to a festival is not for the faint of heart or the physically weak. You need to start training your endurance so that you can get the most out of your summer festival. Obviously, hiking in Colorado is a great way to get physically prepared for a festival, but there’s more to festival fitness than just cardio training.

Feet, legs, and lower back training

Fashion is a big part of going to a festival. Each festival will set the fashion tone for the remainder of the summer. Although you’ll be hiking, many are going to choose to look great over comfortable and practical clothing. So, since you’re probably already planning your summer festival outfits, start getting your feet used to hiking for miles and miles in the shoes you plan on wearing. Yes, you’ll get some stares on the Colorado trails as you hike in your romper and wedges, but it’ll help your feet, calves, and lower back get in shape for the festival.

Summer festival camping guide

Expect to walk further than you ever imagined at your summer festival. Make sure you have a base camp that is comfortable.

If you’re planning on wearing some sort of heel to the festival, you may want to add a little strength training into your routine to strengthen your feet, legs, and lower back.

Training your lungs

Just like you want to practice endurance in your festival shoes, you also want to practice singing and dancing at the same time. It’s one thing to dance all day and night, but you’ll find that once you also start singing, you’re going to run out of breath (and steam) quicker than you want. So, hike with a friend and keep the conversation going to train your lungs to sustain your physical movement as well as your desire to sing along with the band.

Camping at summer festivals

Now, let’s get to the most important part of your festival experience – the campsite. Not only do you want your camp to look good to your neighbors, but you also want it to feel good. You need a place that is comfortable, and your tent needs to be weather-resistant. You’ll want to bring enough gear and equipment to make it easy to head back to camp, cook up some food, drink a few beers and a lot of water, rest your bones, stretch out your body, and get ready for the next concert.

Festival backpacks

Renting festival camping gear

This Marmot Kompressor Comet Daypack is perfect for the festival experience.

You may also want to find the right backpack. You’ll want to carry a few things with you as you head from concert to concert. We’ve got daypacks that are small and comfortable enough to carry the essentials like a bottle of water, sunscreen, money, and your phone.

Festival accessories

Speaking of your phone, make sure you have a way to recharge your electronics. A cell phone is crucial to keeping your festival gang together. You can try to meticulously plan your festival experience, but you want to be able to get in touch with your friends in case the plan changes.

Festival camping packages

We’ve set up many festival camps. We’ve got camping packages available for any summer festival, and we’ve got plenty of camping accessories so that you can customize and personalize your campsite.

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