Some people go to a restaurant and order off the menu. Then there are those that see the menu as a list of ingredients, customizing each dish on the menu. When you camp in Colorado, you can order off of the menu, or you can customize your camping trip. At Outdoors Geek, we have camping tent rental packages already made up for the camper who likes to order off the menu, but we can also customize a package just for you.

Tent rental for camping

We’ll help you customize your camping experience like we did for these ducks at Coachella!

Customize your camping experience

Customizing your camping gear package is one thing, but you can also customize your campsite before you even arrive. When you search for the ultimate camping spot in Colorado, try searching by campsite features. You can customize everything from the accommodations to the activities available, as well as the location of your campground.

Maybe you want to get as far away from civilization as possible, or you want to be able to bring your pet, or you can’t live without WiFi. Just check the boxes and customize your search. This is your chance to have it exactly the way you want it. Incidentally, this could also be the last chance you get to be in control because once you get to your camp, Mother Nature is in control!

Pick the right camping tent

We’ll help you rent the right tent for your next camping trip. Whether you’re heading to a remote location, family camping, glamping, retreat, or wedding, you can find and rent the perfect tent for every outdoor experience.

We always recommend that you get a tent that can accommodate more people than are going camping. Most tent sizes run small, so give yourself a little extra breathing room at night.

Tents for temperamental Colorado weather

Camping tent rentals in Colorado

If you’re camping in Colorado, it’s always a good idea to add a rain fly to your Meramac 6-person tent.

You never know what the weather is going to be like in Colorado. Weather reports have been known to be wrong, and a sudden rain cloud can pop up when you least expect it, so any tent should some with a rain fly for that extra little bit of protection.

Customizing your tent rental package

You may not be able to control nature, but you can prepare yourself. The geeks at our Denver outdoor retail shop can help you put together a camping package, starting with the tent and adding all the camping gear essential to keep you comfortable and safe.

Tent rentals in Denver

Visit our outdoor retail shop in Denver to rent camping tents, backpacking tents, glamping tents, and hunting tents. We have something for all of your outdoor adventures!