Real world treasure hunt

The craze of Christmas shopping has arrived and shoppers are filling the aisles of nearly every local business. If you are a parent you may be one of those crazed shoppers searching for everything your kids have on their Christmas wish list this year. Mega toy chains don’t make it easier on parents, producing the year’s best toy catalogs and pushing the coolest things that hive hit the market with every commercial break. This year you could give in, just a little bit, to your rebellious side and wrap up an unusual, and unexpected gift for some children you know!

What toy holds a new adventure every time you turn it on?

What could be so exciting? GeoCache! Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt. Think Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, or even Indiana Jones! Imagine yourself searching, battling weather, wild animals (albeit a neighborhood dog), even hunger….all for the treasure at the end of your hunt! This Christmas give a gift the holds a new adventure each time you turn it on. The most original gift you give this year will be a Geocache gaming device… AKA a handheld GPS.

All you need to play is a GPS device like the Garmin E Trex Vista Handheld GPS – sold by Outdoors Geek.
To play the game, each player or team must navigate to a specific set of coordinates. Along the way, each set of coordinates is logged and notes are taken. Once the player has successfully navigated to the set coordinates, you will find your awaited treasure, a geocache treasure!

Getting settle with all camping beach equipmentGeocache is a worldwide adventure!

There are cache owners all over the world who have created the coordinates and placed their cache in places that are important to them. Their personalized adventure coordinates tell a little more about the person and their unique life. The ending point of this modern day treasure hunt can be extremely diverse depending on the level of geocache you choose. Treasure spots include underwater, beside a city street, hidden in a local park, or at the summit of a long hike.

Beginners should choose a geocache adventure based on the 1 star difficulty level and the traditional geocache setting. From the main homepage of you can navigate to thousands of unique geocache adventures as your skill level increases. Be sure to check your geocache options for the case listing – which should indicate the cache is still in place and the adventure is live and in play. You can also search the website for geocache adventures by location or by the GC code.

This Christmas give a Geocache device with fun that will never end. This gift will be the most original toy under the tree this year. Ask the geeks at Outdoors Geek for the best handheld GPS geocache device!