Make geocaching a fun adventure for everyone with these simple tricks of the game.

1. Get a reliable device. Do your research and settle on a handheld GPS that has high ratings and customer reviews, like the series of Garmin devices we sell at Outdoors Geek.

2. Spend some time getting to know how your device works. Understand all the ins and outs of the settings and options. Make sure you know how to navigate your own device before heading out.

3. Don’t start off looking for micro caches. It can be frustrating and lead you to a treasure-less treasure hunt. Instead, start with a difficulty level 1, traditional search. This will ensure you have some fun moving about the location you chose for your adventure, while still ensuring you will in fact find the cache!

Real world treasure hunt4. Try using your map screen to get you as close to the waypoint as you can before switching your screen to the navigational way point coordinates.

5. Read the logs! Each adventure has the option for logs comments, and geocachers often leave great comments with important information they’ve discovered while on their adventure. For example, you may read in  the log that the coordinates are slightly off and by how much.

6. Put on your explorer hat. That means you have to think like an explorer. Every word a cacher writes is written with purpose. Some geocache-ers, are pretty creative and you will have to be on your toes to find their cache.

Fall famiily vacations in national parks, Treasure hunt for kidsIf you have never tried geocaching there is no better time to try it out than this year! With thousands of geocache adventures logged and waiting for you to choose, you are certain to find just the right adventure for your family, or skill level. Have the best geocache adventure with our tips and tricks.

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