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Tents are made of durable and high-resistant materials that should last for many many years. But even so, inappropriate care and careless put away might damage a tent, even a new one. Today we share with you some tips and advice to make your tent last long, or so that you take care of our equipment the best way possible. Like we like to say: treat it like it’s yours!

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Tent tipsChoose a good setup spot

Ideally, it’s best if you look for an already established campsite, with smooth and leveled surfaces. Otherwise, try an area with little to no vegetation and remove any debris, such as pine cones and twigs, which can poke a hole into the tent. But don’t bring a broom and sweep away! The idea is to avoid altering a site as much as possible.

Leave your shoes or boots outside!

Your footwear can cause abrasion to the tent’s floor. Also, you might bring in pebbles and debris that might also cause some damage.

Packing your tent

When ready to go, empty out your tent and then make sure to remove any leaves, cones, debris in general, which you will surely find inside. It’s recommended not to always fold your tent the same way, as the creases can become permanent and grow brittle.

Cleaning your tent

At home, unfold the tent and hose it with clear water. You can rub it with a soft cloth or immerse it in a tub or big container. Use non-detergent products to wash it. Rinse it off thoroughly and make sure it dries out completely before folding it again.

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