There are a million different winter camping tips, and most of them have to do with staying warm. But, for those of you who like to travel light while camping, there are simple, easy, and lightweight tricks for staying warm. When you have the tools and accessories, winter camping is not much different than summer camping. In fact, when you have the right gear, every season is camping season!

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The Joys of Winter Camping

Every season has something new to offer outdoor geeks, and winter is no different. While most of the wildlife may be hibernating or have chosen to fly south for the winter, campers are putting on extra layers and staying put in Colorado.

One of the best parts of camping in the wintertime is not having to compete for space with other summertime campers. For the campers who want to find solitude and peace in the great wide open and fall asleep under a crisp, clear winter sky filled with stars, winter camping gives you ample opportunity.

Of course, it also comes with its challenges…

Challenges of Winter Camping

Staying warm, staying warm, and staying warm! The good news is, you can free up extra space in your backpack by leaving your bug spray at home because along with much of the other wildlife, bugs have packed it in for the winter. Besides bringing extra layers to keep you warm, including an extra sleeping pad between you and the frozen ground, there are a few other excellent winter camping hacks that everyone should take advantage of.

Rent winter camping gear

Winter camping is peaceful and bug-free!

Winter Camping Hacks

  • Keep matches in a metal container, not plastic – Plastic can crack and break in frozen temperatures, allowing water into the container and destroying your matches.
  • If you gotta go, then go – your body uses up a ton of energy keeping your pee warm, so even though it’s a pain in the neck, if you have to go to the bathroom, then go quickly.
  • Warm up batteries to give them extra life – You always need spare batteries for your flashlights and GPS. If batteries die out, try warming them up to see if it’s merely the cold that’s rendering them dead. Batteries work better when warmed up.
  • Keep head outside of your sleeping bag – Your hot breath may feel nice at first as it warms up the sleeping bag, but it will quickly condense, and the moisture will start to freeze up at night.

Rent Winter Camping Gear

Another great trick to winter camping is to buy winter camping gear in the summertime. But, since it’s already November, we recommend you rent winter camping gear and save yourself time, money, and storage space in the garage. By renting camping gear, you can quickly go camping any time of the year and always have the right equipment to keep you safe, comfortable, and stylish!