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First try to picture this: you are new to the camping and backpacking world and are training and getting ready to take your first multi-day hiking trip. You go to an outdoors store and buy the tent, backpack and all the gear you’ll need for your trip. All sounds good so far, except that you don’t have much experience being in the wild yet and have never purchased camping gear before, so you get what your research says you’ll need, perhaps also with the help of a store employee. Then in the middle of your trip you realize the tent is not appropriate, or your backpack is too big for your needs. You finish your journey anyway, but now you are stuck with all that gear that doesn’t really mold to your requirements. Not the best first time experience though!

Outdoors Geek unique Try it Before you Buy it program

At Outdoors Geek all of our outdoor camping equipment is available for sale, but the best part is that you can try it before you buy it, that way you can be sure that you are getting the best gear for your needs!

The process to try our camping gear before buying is very simple: just access our website and go to the “Rent It” tab, choose the camping equipment that you want and add in the note box that you would like to “Try It.” After the rental period has ended we will call you to find out if you want to keep the gear and if you say yes, we will deduct the rental price from the purchase price, plus our special discount and that’s it, now you own it! If you say no, we will not charge you the return shipping fee.

Our Try It before you Buy It program is specially designed for all of those who would like to buy their camping equipment but are not sure what product best fits their needs. We also encourage you to use the advice and knowledge of our geek squad, which is always available to help you make smart choices!

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Enjoy the great outdoors with the help of Outdoor Geek’s backpacking gear and camping packages!

Baltoro Backpack for rent

Outdoors Geek is the home of rental camping gear. We bring fun and exciting outdoor experiences within your reach, with top quality gear from companies such as The North Face & Marmot. We are based in Denver, Colorado, but ship all our gear nationwide and you never pay for transit time.

Our rental items include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, water filtration systems, stoves, cooking items and more. You actually get to pick the brand and style you need depending on the type of trip you are taking (based on availability).

We love the outdoors and are the only place on the planet where you can Rent itTry it, or Buy it! We are here to help put quality outdoor experiences within your reach. Call now for further assistance (303) 699-6944 or email us at

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