Buy used camping gear in Denver

Buying used camping gear isn’t like getting a hand-me-down sweater that is too big, has a few holes, and a weird smell. We take excellent care of all of our gear, so even though it’s been used, it’s still in great working condition. Plus, you know it’s been tested and approved by fellow campers, so it has the Geek stamp of approval!

Used sleeping bags for sale in Denver

Our used sleeping bags are as good as new and top quality brands for Colorado camping.

Used gear for Colorado camping

Since we’re always updating and upgrading our gear, we try to free up a little storage space by selling our primo used gear. Quality gear can be expensive, but if you’re an outdoors geek, the right gear is essential for outdoor adventures and wilderness excursions, especially in Colorado. It’s easy to be an outdoors geek in Colorado, but you have to be prepared for sudden changes in weather, terrain, altitude, and wildlife. So, investing in some used gear is a great way to save a buck without skimping on quality so that you can explore the outdoors all year round.

So, what do have for sale in the used gear department, you ask?

  • Sleeping bags – barely used, good as new.
  • Sleeping pads – excellent condition with warranty.
  • Backpacks – we promise that all buckles, zippers, and straps are in perfect working condition. There may be a stain or two, but that just means they’ve been kissed by nature.
Used canvas hunting tents for sale in Colorado

Get a great deal on used (but well cared for) canvas wall tents for hunting, camping, and glamping.

Used canvas wall tents for sale in Denver

The most important part of any camping trip is your tent. We’ve got used canvas tents and wall tents that have been meticulously cared for and inspected after each camping or hunting trip. In fact, the most used part of the tent is the tent bag.

Any repairs to our canvas wall tents have been done professionally, ensuring that each tent still has many years of hunting, camping, and glamping trips ahead.

Used camping gear for sale in Denver

Stop by our outdoor supply shop in Denver, Colorado, and buy some used camping equipment.