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Bring a little glamor to your next camping trip.
Photo: Glamping in Austin, TX.

To some, camping means getting away from the concrete jungle, social media, and terrifying headlines. It’s a chance to get dirty, get rough, and reconnect with nature. For outdoors geeks, a mosquito bite is simply a kiss from nature, and cuts, scrapes, and bruises are a badge of honor. To others, that all sounds terrifying, only being able to imagine discomfort, bad food, and a whole wasted weekend where they are never going to be cute enough for a selfie. Glamping is taking the fear out of camping, adding all the comforts of home while still falling asleep under the stars surrounded by the sounds of the wilderness.

Glamorous camping

To get skeptics over their fear of traditional camping, glamorous camping (“glamping”) was invented. Glamping is a little bit like having training wheels before you can handle the bike by yourself. Glamping is the nightlight you put in your kids’ bedroom to slowly get them over their fear of the dark. Glamping is like baby-stepping your way to hardcore backcountry camping.

Of course, some glampers never end up camping any other way, and that’s just fine with us. As long as you’re getting out into nature, we all win.

Glamping essentials

Location, location, location. Find a campground that has all the things that interest you about a weekend getaway. Breathtaking views, hiking trails, rivers, mountains, wildlife, etc. Every glamping ground has it’s own claim to fame, so do some research, look at pictures, and find the place where you think you’d like to wake up every morning.

Glamping accommodations

Outdoors Geek glamping package for two

We can set up your glamping tent anywhere in the United States.

Next, think of everything that you love about exclusive resort living and start designing your perfect glamping tent. The tent is the most important. A classic safari canvas tent is luxurious and weather-resistant, and it’s big so you can bring all of your luxury and comfort essentials with you to camp. A queen size bed, comfortable mattress, comfortable camp chairs, and home decor will turn your glamping tent into a home away from home. You can even find glamping accommodations with a wood burning stove, a reading nook, area rugs, cooking equipment, and stoves so you can cook gourmet meals, not eat cold beans out of a can because you couldn’t get a fire started. There are no limits to how glamorous you can make your camp.

There’s no right or wrong way to camp. Glamping isn’t cheating; it’s just different, and different is what makes this world more interesting, even when we are camping.

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Outdoors Geek is an outdoor retail shop located in Denver, Colorado. We set up glamping villages all over the United States for corporate events, music festivals, weddings, and many other occasions. If you’re looking for something a lot more comfortable than regular camping, we have just the right gear and experience to help make it happen for you.