Snow Shoe rentals

You know you are a true nature lover when the temps dip really low and you are still amped to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! But it also takes some serious planning and preparation to be able to enjoy a winter camping trip without taking and unnecessary risks. You may be attracted to the pristine white snow and true winter wonderland. But if you haven’t thoroughly prepared you may not be as thrilled with snow that stretches as far as the eye can see.

You must be prepared for shorter daylight hours and unpredictable weather, that may bring more harsh conditions. This will require not only extra gear but also extra skill. Don’t plan a trip winter camping if you aren’t schooled in survival skills and winter campsite management, including shelter and fire!

Follow The Geeks’ Guide to Planning Your Winter Trip:

Winter Camping must have, Delorme InReach Explorer1. Never camp alone in Winter.  For reasons that should be obvious, you need a partner. So, plan for someone who can handle the conditions with you. And agree to never, ever, separate! Your winter camping buddy must have the same trip goals as you do and be willing to stick to a trip plan.

2. Study maps and plan your trail. Where will you camp, and how long will it take to get you there? If something should go wrong what emergency services are available? Don’t forget your Delorme Explorer INReach. This little gem can act as a GPS and send emergency SOS signal if needed.

3. Check the weather, road and trail conditions! Don’t forget to check the local avalanche forecast! Avoid avalanche prone areas. And talk to other enthusiasts who have trekked that area in winter also!

Winter camping must haves, Snowshoeing rentals try to buy4. Leave a Trip Plan! This means someone should know every detail of your trip. Your full names, your vehicle description, your tag numbers, your plans on which trail, or back country area you plan to explore, the approximate time you intend to arrive at your intended site to camp, the date you intend to leave and the time/date you intend to return.  Don’t forget to connect your INReach to your loved ones at home so they know how to reach you when you are out of cell range.

5. Take along lots of extras, as in cash, clothes, and footwear. Look for coming posts on how to layer properly and watch for reviews on the best footwear and outerwear for winter conditions!

Your Outdoors Geek experts are here to help you make your winter wonderland trip a reality and as risk free as it can be! Trust us for all your camping needs! Look for more posts coming with helpful information on what to pack for your winter trip.