Rent snowshoes in Colorado

When you live in Colorado, winter won’t stop you from hitting your favorite trails. Just because our great state is blanketed in snow doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hiking boots. The trails are still open, and there is plenty of winter wonderland to explore, provided you have the right equipment. So, grab a pair of snowshoes and your backpack and hike your favorite summer trails in the winter.

Rent winter hiking gear near Denver

Fresh snow gives plenty of opportunities to spot winter wildlife, like a hare hopping through the snow.

Old trails become new experiences in the winter

When the seasons change, so do the landscape, the wildlife, and the hiking experience. If you’ve hiked to the top of our fourteeners to experience wondrous alpine lakes, then try hitting up those same trails to see how it has all transformed now that the season has changed.

You can experience frozen lakes, snow-covered trails, and the chance to see big game species like elk and moose, as well as other winter animals hiking their own trails in search of food. With fresh snow covering the ground, spotting animals prints is easier than ever. Look out for eagles flying above the trees and hares hopping through the snow.

Winter day hikes near Denver

There are plenty of trails to go winter hiking near Denver. There are hikes for the whole family that are easy to get to and won’t require too much off-roading or backcountry hiking, and there are more strenuous hikes that will require renting (or buying) snowshoes and navigation equipment, as well as weather-resistant and all-terrain hiking gear to keep you safe as you wander off the main trails.

Water filtration systems for Colorado hiking

Our 96 oz. Nalgene Wide-Mouth flexible containers can be easily packed with ice cubes and will accommodate all major filters and purifiers.

Water filters and canteens for winter hiking

Even if you stick to hikes near Denver, you’re still going to need to stay hydrated as you head up the mountain to catch a jaw-dropping view of the Front Range covered in snow. The Front Range is a winter wonderland, and seeing it from atop the Rocky Mountains is something every outdoors person will want to experience.

For the hike up and down the mountain, we have the best water filtration systems and canteens perfect for any hike, whether it’s just for a day or you’re staying overnight on the trails. The Nalgene Wide-Mouth Canteen holds 96 ounces of water and is easy to pack and carry. Keep a smaller bottle of water for the hike itself and save the canteen to get you through dinner at camp, nighttime, and breakfast the next morning.

Rent winter hiking gear in Denver

If you need help, call the Geek! It’s free, and we are experienced in helping all kinds of groups have their best trip ever. We’ll help you put together a backpacking package to suit your winter day hike, whether it’s rough-and-tumble or a family hike. Having the right equipment makes any hike more enjoyable.

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Experience your favorite Colorado hikes for the first time by hiking in the winter, but first, stop by Outdoors Geek to rent, buy, or try our best winter hiking gear.