Camp this winter in a yurt and leave your tent behind, winter camping preparations

Can you really camp without a tent? Yes, you can! This winter as you set out for the trail you can eliminate one large item from your camping packing list…. the tent!

renting a winter hut or yurt, Yurt Camping, Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA family winter vacations,The word sounds funny, and the truth is, the thing looks funny too. What is a Yurt? A Yurt is a circular tent traditionally made of skins or furs stretched over a collapsible frame. It was a shelter used by ancient Asian nomads due to its portability. These nomads who needed to pick up and move with their herds created this structure. The genius behind the yurt is its aerodynamic shape and structural creativity. with the roof load being shared through the beams and down to the tension cables, because of the dual pushing action of the rafters. Rafters push both downward onto the compression ring that forms the circular structure, and outward toward the tension cables that stabilize the yurt. A Yurt can be taken down easily and put up easily while still being able to withstand some of nature’s harshest elements. Today’s Yurts are still circular like traditional yurts, but have been made modern; some even have electricity and heating!

This Winter go camping and leave your tent at home! That’s right. When you camp within the Colorado State Forest State Park system of Rental Yurts, you won’t be freezing in the falling snow while setting up camp!  Colorado State Forest State Park is Approximately 2 hours from Ft. Collins and 3 hours from Denver. With alternative routes in winter due to the possibility of road closures in bad weather.

Renting a Yurt provides you with the convenience of having your camp already set up, while still sleeping just off your trail and close to Mother Nature! Renting a Yurt allows the avid outdoorsman to enjoy his sport to the fullest, sleeping and relaxing next to his favorite slope or trail.  Experience the fun of Yurt camping!