MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAA camping trip can be great for you and your family, and most of the times it is an adventure that will be remembered for a long time. But in order to make sure that everything stays friendly and peaceful in the campsite of your choice, it is very important that you follow these useful tips:


Control Your Pet

If you take your dog along, make sure to always be in control of its actions and avoid him to invade other people’s camping areas. It is recommended that you never leave your pet without a leash while on the campground, no matter if it’s harmless. Many people don’t appreciate your dog running through the entire campsite. Also, it is very important that you clean up after your dog, as leaving dog poo on the ground can cause bad smells and also someone else could step on it.campfires

Extinguish Your Campfire When Going To Sleep

Always remember that you are not the only one on a campground. If you leave your own campfire burning when going to sleep or leaving camp, the smoke it makes can become overwhelming for your campground neighbors. Make sure to put out your fire when going to sleep, or if leaving for a hike or any other activity.


Be Thoughtful When Using A Radio Or TV

If you are planning to take a radio or a TV to your camping trip, make sure to use headphones -especially during late hours- so you don’t disturb the camping neighbors that are trying to sleep.for all camping needs

Do Not Walk Through Other People’s Camp

Avoid walking through other camping areas, since many people find this intrusive and disrespectful. So, even if you have to take the long way to get to the washrooms or to other camp locations, never invade other people’s campgrounds.



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