Outdoors Geek is all about protecting the planet we love, so we can continue to enjoy all our favorite outdoor activities, and so can the generations after us. This is very important for us, which is why we encourage our customers and friends to learn about responsible camping and protect our planet for future generations.

2015 Earth Day is officially on Wednesday April 22. So starting this weekend, all around the world Earth Day events are taking place.  You can join in one of those events or create your own awareness or tree planting initiative. But even more so, you can make a difference everyday, by being a responsible camper.

Our 5 tips to help protect the environment while camping

Sloths in Central America

1) Make sure to create a fire ring when you start a fire and to turn it off completely when you leave. Under no circumstances leave the fire without supervision at any time, especially if your fire will be near trees or  plants in the wild.

2) Never leave trash on the campground or any other place when camping, if there aren’t any designated trash cans where you are camping take back the trash with you and throw it in a garbage can. Remember that you are not the only one camping and animals can be affected as well with human waste.

3) Under no circumstances feed wild animals wild camping. Wild animals have an specific diet and feeding them with food they are not used to could affect their health. Besides if they get used to receive food from humans they could damage your camping gear to get more food.

4) Make sure that you bring only environmental friendly products to your camping trip. At Outdoors Geek we offer the best camping gear and with all the standards required to protect the environment.

5) Recycling is a good habit and it is very important for preserving our planet. Always divide your camping wastes into recyclable and not recyclable trash and take it to your nearest recycling station program from your location after your camping adventure ends. There are certain campgrounds that already have some disposals for recycled trash.

Join Outdoors Geek in Gear for Outdoors fun for all agesPreserving our Planet

We encourage you to take care of our planet when camping, every effort counts and together we can make the difference. We love the outdoors! And we are here to help put quality outdoor experiences within your reach. Call now for further assistance (303) 699-6944 or email us at

April 22, 2015 Earth Day