So you’re not a hiking pro….yet. You want to blaze a trail before the cool temps set in but you are still a little “green”? Once you’ve chosen your trail consider these tips for the first time hiker, These “Must-Haves” can make your first experience on the trail a great one!camping tips by the geeks

7 Must -Haves for the First Time Trail Hiker:

1. Sawyer water systemWater supply. Do your research! Your water supply and access to more clean water if you run out will be the one factor that determines the location and length of your hike. Yes water adds weight, but it is the ONE weight you can’t afford to take out. There is a wide array of choices in hydration from bladders to portable filtration devices. Decide how much you can carry and turn back when your water is half gone. Mapped hikes should notify you of water sources like a spigots at the trail head, or streams along the route. Backcountry hiking should be reserved for the more experienced hiker, so you are more apt to find clearly marked water sources on an amateur trail map.

2. A Map! Take a Map! It is, next to water, the best insurance for a pleasant first hike experience. You can’t rely on technology to behave 100 % of the time. So take a printed map sealed in a ziplock! Don’t depend on the memory of the person leading your hike. He or She may have hiked this trail 100 times but any changes to the trail such as trees felled by wind and weather can change the appearance and can realistically force you to go back a different way than you came.

Backpack through the backcountry.

3. A Comfortable Pack! Your first time on the trail won’t require high tech carry everything backpacking gear. Just a simple pack that can carry all of the water you will need possible a change of dry clothes, your first aid kit, your snacks and of course your Map! Don’t attempt to go for a large pack with heavy frame. You won’t be carrying much weight for a day hike, and you don’t want to stress your musc

4. Comfortable Hiking Attire! This Includes Pants, Shoes, and you guessed it….your under clothes. Lengthy hikes can prove to be most UN enjoyable if any of these 3 elements are off. Getting dirts and pebbles in your shoes can make you stop more often and cause extreme discomfort so wear long pants to avoid things falling into the tops of your shoes. Next, Choose comfy under clothes, something that will prevent chafing and further discomfort. Longer spandex shorts are a top choice for many. Finally your shoes…Don’t even think of wearing your brand new hiking boots on your first trail. A great hiking shoe is one that has been worn in a bit! Wear your new shoes around the house and even around town a little before you hit the trail. Otherwise choose a shoe that will give you the most comfort over the length of your hike.

Easy Care First Aid System5. Sun Protection! When the heat is intense and your nose is feeling a little too toasted you start questioning your decision to hit the trail. Choose a floppy hat that will block the sun from not only your face but your neck. Use sunglasses and a sunscreen stick that won’t sweat into your eyes.

6. First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Kit! You need a basic first aid kit that can help you treat blisters and minor cuts and scrapes. But you also need a basic kit of just in case items too. This basic emergency preparedness kit includes a flare, a “leatherman” or multi- tool, fire starter, illumination, and emergency blanket.

7. Nourishment! You may be thinking hey I had a big breakfast and we’ll be back around lunchtime. But when your tummy is grumbling because you’ve used up all the energy you gave your body this morning, you’re gonna want to reach for something quick. An energy bar or an apple and some nuts could be the perfect snack to recharge your battery and help you enjoy the last piece of the trail.

Boulder Lake camping

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