One Step into your “Outdoor everything warehouse” and your head could be spinning. For some their heart starts to beat faster as the pictures of soon coming adventure race through their heads. But, for others, it can be all a little too overwhelming. So many choices, sizes, colors.


Here are 3 simple tips to help you choose the right back pack for your next back packing experience.

1. First, determine the type of backpacking trip you plan to take. Are you headed into the backcountry and need to be sure you have essential gear and survival materials? Food, tools, water bladders, and filters? Or do you plan to hike a trail with the family and camp along the trail over night? If you plan to carry your pack on a long distance hike you need to keep this in mind.

2. Now gather your gear. That’s right everything. Put it all onto the table and now, we can begin the pack choosing process. Never begin with the back pack, instead analyze your trip, and collect your gear. What will have to fit into that pack? Consider general capacity standards. These are generic guidelines for the day trip to multi day trippers and family camping enthusiasts.  Thrill seekers will have a different scale.

  • General use backpacking pack (single day or overnight): 20-50 liters.
  • Weekend (2-3 nights) :50-60 liters
  • Multi-day (2-5 nights) : 60-80 liters
  • Extended/Experienced – (5 nights plus)- 80 plus liters.

3. Get The Pack Professionally Fitted. You will want to be sure your pack is properly fitted. You can be measured at a local outfitters, and attention should be paid to the hip strap where 60%- 80% of the weight should be resting.   If you are feeling the majority of the weight in your shoulders something isn’t fitting quite right. Leaning slightly forward is natural, but too far forward and your hike won’t last long.

camping tips by the geeks3 Basic Categories of Backpackers:

Basic Backpacking Pack: can carry between 30-50 pounds and general y serve day trip use u to muliple day hikes.

Ultra Light Packs: Thru hikers whose experienced level ranks very high are used to traveling very light, and have removed all “luxury” items and unnecessary items from their pack. They are concerned with moving fast and light.

Day Packs: These are probably the most versatile of the packs, for use on any day trip. With a capacity of under 30 liters, these packs are what you reach for on a day hike, to bike, fish or climb. Some Day packs come with features for specific sporting equipment. These packs are great all around pack, except for a heavier load multi day trip.

Bakcpacking Group

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