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Family_Dad (6)We’re all dreaming of leaving the cold behind and start having a great outdoor adventure with our family! This has been a cold May and Outdoors Geek knows that. Which is why all the equipment necessary for family camping is ready for you as soon as you’re ready to choose your destination. And these 4 steps for camping with your family, you should be able to have a great Summer camping adventure!

Step One: Do some research of the camping destinations that attracts your family the most and make sure it has all the needs that your family requires. For instance, are you willing to truly rough it, or do you prefer bathroom and shower facilities?

Bakcpacking GroupStep Two: Make sure that you take some time to plan snacks and meals, and remember also to take enough water for all your family members, especially if you are camping in an area where there’s not a convenience store near by.

Step Three: Create a packing list with all the camping gear you need for your trip. Planning ahead what you need for your family will avoid forgetting any important item that you might have missed without a checklist. Make sure to include things like bug spray, sun lotion and a multitool pocket knife.

Step Four: Plan some fun activities and pack some board games for the trip, specially if you are traveling with children. Remember that fun activities and games are great to keep your family entertained on a rainy day or while waiting for meals.

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High Quality Camping Gear At Your ReachMarmot_Outdoors_Geek_Kompressor_backpack

Outdoors Geek is the home of rental camping gear. We bring fun and exciting outdoor experiences within your reach, with top quality gear from companies such as The North Face & Marmot. We ship nationwide and are based in Denver, Colorado. However, you never pay for transit time. Our rental items include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, water filtration systems, stoves, cooking items and more. You actually get to pick the brand and style you need, depending on the type of trip you are taking (based on availability). We are the only place on the planet where you can Rent itTry it, or Buy it. We love the outdoors! And we are here to help put quality outdoor experiences within your reach. Call now for further assistance (303) 699-6944 or email us at

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