When you love the outdoors, its hard to say goodbye to Mother Nature for months at a time.  So, you simply make some adjustments and prepare for the outdoors during the cooler months of late Fall and Winter! Let Outdoors Geek help you prepare with our specialty items for cool weather camping. You may be able to layer up during the day when the sun is still peeking out here and there, but when night-time temperatures begin to drop you may want a little extra help staying warm.  So what can you do?

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What can you do to add warmth?

When you have reviewed the best ways to layer up, added an insulated sleeping pad for protection from the cold ground, and you’ve invested in a – 30 sleeping bag…what else is there?  Our little secret… The hand warmer.  Once you’ve tucked in for the night, slip this gem into the foot of your sleeping bag and enjoy the warmth it will give your whole body, keeping everything inside the sleeping bag nice and toasty.

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The activity of day may keep you warm but night is chilly!

During the day, though it may get cold, you have some activity to keep you moving and generate body heat. You hike, you fish, you maintain camp, which requires a little elbow grease too. But when the sun sets and dinner is over, your campfire conversations finally snuffs out, you have nothing left to do to keep you warm.

If you’re armed with this essential cold weather camping accessory, your tent mates will be jealous for sure!  Your last step before zipping in for the night…. You’ve already layered up for bed, your extra sleeping is in place giving an extra barrier between you and the cold ground. You have thermal socks, underwear, and just about everything else. Now place your hand warmer down in the bottom of your sleeping bag and consider the shivers a thing of the past!

Thermarest_Trail_Lite for saleThe_North_Face_Aleutian sleeping bag for saleOutdoors Geek is full of great Geek advice like this tip!

Call us for even more tips and geek advice on how to manage all aspects of cold weather camping!  Don’t forget you can Rent It, Try It, and Buy It. Let us store your gear for you all season! We can ship nationwide so there is nothing to worry about! Rent It and we’ll ship it to your campsite or the closest shipping center. This Fall and Winter stay warm with Outdoors Geek!