You’ve decided to take advantage of the Beautiful Colors of Fall and enjoy cooler temps before it’s really cold! You’ve done your homework and chosen a great campsite and studied dates for Peak Fall Foliage. Now, Your geeks have put together your next 3 tips for Enjoying your Fall Camping Trips! In this post check out Tip #1 and look for coming posts with Tips 2 and 3 for Enjoyable Fall Camping!

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Tip # 1 for Enjoying Fall Camping

Tip 1. Stay Warm –  Just as summer high temps can make you miserablly hot and even a tad bit grumpy, cooler Fall temperatures can give you just enough of a chill that you aren’t able to enjoy the beauty of the colors of Fall. Staying warm involve preparing in several areas.

  • Sleeping bag – Choose a cold temperature rated sleeping bag – and you may as well choose a sleeping bag that is rated for temperatures colder than you are expecting. Insurance right? There is nothing worse than loosing a night’s sleep because you can’t stop shivering. If you know you get cold easily, bring an extra sleeping bag.
  • Sleeping Pad – this is one of the most important tools for retaining heat at night. You want a thick barrier between you and the ground. Choose a seeping pad with close-cell and double it up with another foam pad if necessary.
  • Pack Warm Clothing and Lots of it!  Layer your clothing and wear a Winter Cap! – It should be a well known fact that layers retain heat best. So pack plenty of extras. And DO wear a winter cap, even while you sleep. 30 % of your body’s heat escapes through your head.
  • Prepare with plenty of fire wood. Better to have more than enough!
  • Move around. When that chill sets in – don’t sit and shiver, get up and move around get your blood moving again.
  • If that doesn’t work, eat and drink something! That’s right eating a load of carbs will get your system working and you’ll warm up. Proteins take longer to digest so they’ll keep your body warmer a little longer and the digestion process takes its time.  You may even want to eat a snack before bed to be sure your system keeps the fire burning internally during the night.

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