Winter outdoor activities when visiting ColoradoBack in “the day”, there wasn’t anything more exciting than making the most of Winter on top of my Dad’s old spare tire tube. Sliding down the hill was easy!  The problem was getting back up to the top. But for a few seconds of rushing adrenaline, I could go up and down all day long.

Tubing, sledding and ice-skating are fun family activities that provide thrills for all ages. They are also, a great way to bring back that childhood memory and enjoy the winter. The best part is that all of them are generally affordable activities.

If you are planning to visit Colorado, now is the perfect time. Choose your location and enjoy winter the way you and your family deserve. You are still in time to stop your kids from skating all over the kitchen in their socks, and to make the most of the season… outdoors!  Prepare your winter gear and make a reservation!

ice fishing gear and tips by the Outdoor GeeksIce Skating Adventures

State Park reservoirs and ponds provide chilling, frozen playgrounds all throughout the winter season. Whether you are visiting the Denver metro area or the Western slope, there is a State Park close by where you can recreate on a frozen pond.


Here are some of the most popular natural ice-skating venues you can find in Colorado:

  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park’s Ranch Ponds and Visitor Center ponds, provide an excellent natural canvas to inscribe your figure 8s and heart shapes.
  • Ice fishing and impromptu hockey matches are very popular at Highline Lake State Park, Mack Mesa. Once conditions permit, a portion of Mack Mesa is cleared for skating.
  • Eleven Mile State Park reservoir is great for ice skating, especially early in the season when the ice is solid, but before too many pressure ridges have been created.

Tubing And Sledding

Regardless of your sledding device, whether an old tube or the newest sled design on the market, sliding down the hill will print a smile on your face no matter what.

Snowshoeing gear for rentIf you want to test your sledding skills and race your family, here is a list of some of the most popular places to enjoy snow packed hills.

  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park, offers sled riders the possibility to enjoy a ride down the large open hill southwest of the Visitor Center or on the slope above Kriley Pond.
  • Roxborough State Park allows visitors to ride down the trails, and Cherry Creek State Park welcomes sledding and snow tubing when there are good snow levels.
  • Mueller State Park offers ample opportunities for tubing and sled riding, with more than 50 miles of trails on a 5,000-acre playground.
  • Sylvan Lake State Park receives an abundance of snow during the winter, with snowy hills to entertain visitors for months. There are several slopes at State Forest State Park that are perfect for sledding, amid the stunning winter scenery.
  • On the Western Slope, Ridgway State Park has a sledding hill in the upper boat ramp parking lot, along with other opportunities throughout the park. The hills at Vega State Park also make for an enjoyable afternoon of racing your friends to the bottom.

Remember to take all necessary precautions as you prepare to enjoy your activities in a comfortable and secure way. If you are not sure the type of gear and equipment required for your trip, specialized shops like Outdoors Geek, have the best solutions for your troubles. Happy sliding!